ASNY Legislative Update

Dry Needling

On the May 15th Lobby Day, a number of legislators expressed interest in signing on to a letter to the State Education Department (SED) encouraging proper enforcement against dry needling.

 ASNY members are encouraged to forward any new evidence of dry needling establishments to SRC so that the information can be brought to the attention of SED officials.

 Workers Compensation

Assemblyman Harry Bronson is committed to advocating strongly for his bill that includes Acupuncturists as providers under the Workers Compensation program. The bill can be voted on by the full Assembly at any time. Also, Senate sponsor George Amedore assured ASNY on its Lobby Day that he too is committed to passing his legislation this year.

On Lobby Day, ASNY had an encouraging meeting with the General Counsel of the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS). That Office expressed an interest in commenting favorably on ASNY’s efforts to establish parity among acupuncturist providers given the agency’s positive experience using acupuncture as an addiction treatment. This support could be very helpful in any later advocacy efforts before the Governor’s Office.

Medicaid Pilot Project

ASNY has requested a meeting with the Department of Health to discuss establishing of a Medicaid Pilot Project for Acupuncture. The pilot would study the effectiveness of the treatment in terms of pain management and cost. Favorable results will be used to justify expansion of state programs and services, including covering providers under the Workers Compensation system.

Opioid Crisis and Acupuncture

ASNY has been in communication with the Governor’s Office regarding its efforts to convene a pain management task force and to assure the inclusion of acupuncturists. 

Establishing a State Employee Health Plan Provider Network

ASNY has a meeting on Wednesday, June 20th with NYSHIP to discuss creating an acupuncturist provider network for state employee health plans. The goal for this meeting will be to gauge interest and to explore the process for establishing a network.

If you wish to discuss any of these issues further, please feel free to reach out to us directly.