Hello Everyone!

Hopefully as members you have all received the printable Letters to the Governor regarding our Workers’ Compensation Bill that has passed both houses of the NYS legislature for the 3rd time!!!!   This bill would, once and for all, stop the discriminatory practice of insurance companies denying compensation for acupuncture services to NYS injured workers provided by Licensed Acupuncturists.  Below are the links to these letters as well.  The 1st is a letter from Licensed Acupuncturists (YOU!!!) to print, sign and send.  The 2nd is a letter you may distribute to your friends, family, and patients so that they may easily let their governor know that they support this bill…please print multiple copies and distribute widely!  As always, thank you so much for your support in our efforts to promote and protect our profession.

Licensed Acupuncturist Letter to the Governor

Patient/Friend/Family Letter to the Governor