The Acupuncture Society of New York mission is to promote the practice of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in New York State. We fulfill our mission by:

  • Educating our members through newsletters, lectures and continuing educational courses.
  • Negotiating specific benefits for our members from suppliers, vendors and educators.
  • Providing a consistent contact point for the press and media.
  • Steering potential patients to our members through our website referral pages.
  • Keeping abreast and pro-active in appropriate NY State legislative issues.
  • Participating in national conferences.
  • Maintaining cordial relationships with other state associations, and national organizations.

The Specifics


ASNY provides a central location to find high-quality opportunities for continuing education on our website. Schools and individual lecturers can advertise their independent events here. In addition, ASNY often sponsors courses, lectures and events as a NCCAOM approved CEU provider. CEU opportunities range from being open to all Licensed Acupuncturists nation-wide to member-only, free opportunities.   ASNY members receive significant discounts on most CEU opportunities available.

ASNY strives to provide its members with increased knowledge and awareness of issues that are important to Licensed Acupuncturists. Communication via the website, blog, emails, and newsletters are some of the ways that ASNY works to ensure its members have access to the most current information needed to practice in NYS and to be successful practitioners.

Member Benefits

ASNY is always striving to provide value to its members. We hope to be a leading-resource for NY Licensed Acupuncturists to build and grow their practices. Our member benefits currently include: discounts to well-known vendors and suppliers, discounts for many continuing education opportunities, referrals to members for the public utilizing our “find and acupuncturist” tool, advertising discounts for member-organized events, access to job postings and career opportunities, and online-access to Meridians Journal of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, the exclusive acupuncture research journal of the American Society of Acupuncturists and the NCCAOM. As we grow, we hope to expand our member benefits to include more practice building resources such as website development, possible practitioner mentoring opportunities, group discounts for personal and family healthcare insurance, and more. Click here to see more member benefits.

Legislative Activity

ASNY is the leading voice for Licensed Acupuncturists in the political arena of NYS. By using sophisticated technology and collaborating directly with lobbyists and governmental representatives, ASNY takes proactive measures to promote our profession to lawmakers by directly assisting with policy development, while also acting as front-line defenders by quickly identifying potentially damaging bills and policies and strategizing effective recourse. ASNY provides a forum for its members to have direct involvement with these activities in an open, organized and effective manner. Click here to see more detail of ASNY’s current legislative interests and activity.

Because ASNY collaborates closely with other state and national acupuncture associations and organizations, ASNY is a central hub of information for professionals, members of the media, and the general public alike.

Member Involvement

ASNY strives to be the most reflective and representative voice of Licensed Acupuncturists in NYS. Therefore, ASNY invites and encourages its members to be actively involved with this association by participating on committees, voting for or serving as Board members, attending town halls and meetings where available and communicating frequently with the ASNY Board of Directors with questions, suggestions, and concerns regarding our profession.  ASNY’s voice can only be reflective of its members if we hear from you.