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NY State Licensed Acupuncturist

 Looking for compassionate and dedicated New York State Licensed Acupuncturist to join busy Park Avenue Practice in Rochester, NY and a satellite office in Irondiequoit. Current hours are part time to start as we build your patient base, but this will become a FT job within a few months, or September at the latest. If you’re starting from scratch and want to work under an existing brand, this is your opportunity!! If you already have an existing patient base, there is room for you too! This practice takes insurance. We are concerned with accessibility, inclusivity and nondiscrimination.  Email resume to:

Holistic Health Intern

Part time internship in busy NYC clinic. Lots of hand on experience.  Our website is:
Please Call (212) 966 – 6370 if interested.

NY State Licensed Acupuncturist

Looking for an acupuncturist to join an acupuncture clinic in Glens Falls, NY with two other acupuncturists during summer of 2021. Our website is  Full time or part time.  Must be willing to commit to 2 years of employment. Must be able to treat pain conditions as that is our bread and butter. Other specialties and interests are also welcome, especially infertility and women’s health, dermatology, allergies, facial acupuncture, etc.  New graduates who are humble, eager to learn, and willing to stay at least 3 years are welcome to apply. If possible, we would prefer to have someone who can also recommend Chinese herbs, as we have a small herbal pharmacy.  We are specifically looking for someone who works well in a team environment (we all help each other out) and who can share patients with us (we discuss cases and learn from each other, which our patients love). If you are still within the first few years of being an acupuncturist, mentoring is available to you by both acupuncturists. We want you to succeed.  Pay is $25 per patient, and you have the ability to see 2 people each hour. We want someone who has a history of keeping jobs more than 1 year, is stable and a team player, and who treats patients with compassion and care. While vacations are not paid for you can take up to 5-6 weeks vacation per year. 5 sick days are paid for. You will not be pushed to see more people than you want to see each week. Glens Falls is a little outdoorsy town surrounded by good skiing, hiking trails, kayaking, and outdoor sports. It is also a family town – the kind of place where people often don’t look when crossing the street and if you go out, you will always run into people you know. Lake George is a big touristy town that people vacation at in the next town over, and Saratoga Springs and their famous racetrack is 30 minutes away. Saratoga is also a mecca of restaurants and music and art and is a lot of fun in the summertime. Albany (the capital of NY) is 1 hour north, so if you are into listening to bands, this is where the music scene is. Vermont is also close by and makes for fun day trips. Downtown Glens Falls has a small but thriving restaurant scene and many coffee shops, and a growing holistic health scene that you will be part of. NYC, Boston and Philadelphia are all 4-5 hours away by car.

Requirement: You must be NY State licensed to apply. You must have malpractice insurance by the time you start employment.
To apply: Send a short cover letter or email about yourself, why you want this job, and why you are leaving your last job. Please also attach your resume. We are excited to meet you! Our email is