Below is a list of the current ASNY committees.  Committee work is a way to be directly involved with promoting the mission of ASNY.  

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee bridges communications between the lobbyist and the Board, organizes lobbying activities, letter writing/phone banking projects, and disseminates correct information about legislative actions to the membership and community

Finance Committee

The Finance committee is chaired by the Treasurer and is in charge of managing the finances of the organization, filing appropriate taxes, and disseminating yearly reports for transparency purposes. Members of this committee are not open to volunteers, rather they are appointed by the Treasurer as needed.

Membership Committee

The membership committee develops and implements strategies to invite/solicit prospective members and researches, obtains and promotes benefits for members.

Social Committee

The Social Committee creates, schedules, and implements general and special social programs and events, including an Annual Ball/Banquet, to build harmony and promote community among acupuncturists.

Bylaws/Governance Committee

The Bylaws/Governance committee is in charge of knowing and reviewing the bylaws annually to monitor for compliance and to suggest revisions as needed. Also, this committee manages board elections.

Continuing Education Committee

The Continuing Education committee is in charge of coordinating lectures/webinars/classes for continuing education, and communicating the opportunities to the membership.

Allied Relations Committee

The Allied Relations committee reaches out and opens communications with other professional groups of Acupuncture and serves as liaisons with these groups.

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations committee is in charge of press communications for disseminating correct information to the membership and the public.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising committee often overlaps with the Continuing education, Membership, and Social committees. This group communicates with the appropriate other committees to generate and implement fundraising ideas.

Dry-Needle Task Force 

The Dry-Needle Task Force is solely focused on the issue of Dry Needling and its impact on the profession of acupuncture. This group monitors incidents of Dry Needling in NY, strategizes actions to mitigate negative impact, and collaborates with national organizations for a unified and organized position.