The Mission of the Membership Committee is to develop and maintain programs that will address the needs of NYS L.Acs in every region. This committee will also develop outreach programs for both students and unaffiliated members.


  • Maintain Member list by Regions
  • Develop and Maintain Member Outreach Program
  • Develop Member Drives
  • Develop School Outreach Programs
  • Nominate Regional Directors to BOD

Regional Representatives

NYS has many different geographical communities. Each of these communities has unique opportunities, challenges, and needs.  By recruiting current ASNY members within these communities, ASNY will gain the ability to be more responsive. This process serves to decentralize not by splitting ASNY apart, but by creating a system in which local in-person communication ensures that ASNY truly represents it’s community of practitioners.

Are you interested in being a regional representative for your area?  Contact us at and let us know!  Here are the requirements.



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