The Mission of the Membership Committee is to develop and maintain programs that will address the needs of NYS L.Acs in every region. This committee will also develop outreach programs for both students and unaffiliated members.


  • Maintain Member list by Regions
  • Develop and Maintain Member Outreach Program
  • Develop Member Drives
  • Develop School Outreach Programs
  • Nominate Regional Directors to BOD

Regional Representatives

NYS has many different geographical communities. Each of these communities has unique opportunities, challenges, and needs. 

 By recruiting current ASNY members within these communities, ASNY will gain the ability to be responsive without taxing the resources of the BOD. 

This process serves to decentralize not by splitting ASNY apart, but by creating a system through which distant locales function as semi-autonomous satellites.

Through local in-person communication we hope to humanize ASNY, and to help in generating a more healthy, stable, and diverse community of practitioners.

Each region will have a volunteer appointed to be a regional representative. The name of the game here is communication.

These representatives have the following mandate:

  1. To build community within their region (lateral)
  2. To communicate to ASNY the needs and abilities of their region (upward)
  3. To communicate to members within the region the needs of ASNY (downward)

This will be accomplished through both ASNY sponsored and representative initiated events. The ASNY sponsored events include satellite events of the annual meeting, local picnics, etc. These are open to all ASNY members, and may be open to non-ASNY acupuncturists as well. The representative initiated events include making phone calls to local members, organizing local volunteers for local opportunities.

The goal of these community building events are to create connection and cohesion among acupuncturists working within a shared geographical area. This will hopefully promote cross-referring, sharing of clinical skills, and opportunities for mentorship and professional promotion.