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ASNY publishes a twice-monthly newsletter to help acupuncturists in New York stay abreast on current legislative issues. It also includes important events that may impact patients, insurance changes and potential encroachment on the scope of practice laws. Subscribe to receive our newsletters and occasional email blasts.


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ASA Newsletters

American Society of Acupuncturists Newsletter:  ASNY is the NY member of the American Society of Acupuncturists (ASA) and as such participates in putting out the ASA newsletter.

Examples of past issues include:

American Society of Acupuncturist Certified Member 2023

Press Releases

ASNY makes sure to keep acupuncture positivity in the news, responding to current events with press releases.    An example of this was our response in  December 2020 to the Supreme Court.



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ASNY in Social Media:  ASNY is on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  Following are the links to where you can find us:

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