Frequently Asked Questions &
Resources for Acupuncturists

Question: How do I access/use Basecamp?

Answer: You can login to members only section and find the link to basecamp.  This is where ASNY works with transparency to its members.

Question: Where do I direct questions about concerns I have?
Answer: First scroll through this site, checking out the for acupuncturists section.  Next, check in with your regional representative.  If you don’t get the answer you need, contact us.

Question: Who is my regional representative?
Answer: Check out the regional representative page for info based on your location.

Question: How can I get involved with any of the committees?
Answer:  Just apply to join on the page of the committee you are interested in.  Here is a link to the pages of each committee:

Q: How is ASNY transparent to its members about its activities?
Answer: We welcome all members to get involved, join a committee, attend a committee meeting, become a regional representative, and get involved on Basecamp.  Working on Basecamp means you can ask to be added to a group on basecamp and directly be involved in creating change as well as see what is being done to resolve issues.

Question: Why Should I Become a Member?
Answer: Because then you have access to all the member benefits and discounts, as well as the ASNY Member Virtual Marketplace.  If you have more questions, here are the top 10 reasons to become a member.

Question: I am a new acupuncturist.  Where Should I Go To For Help?
Answer:  If you are a member, go to the Student Resources page (only accessible to members).  If you are not a member, start with the student tab on this page.  If you don’t find the answer scroll through the FAQs here, and then peruse the info section of the site.  Depending on your question, this should give you access to many resources you will need.  If you don’t find what you need, or you have a question you don’t see here, contact us.

Question: Why do you keep bugging me to join?
Answer: ASNY’s goal is ultimately to represent all New York Acupuncturists and to help the profession of acupunture thrive.  We survey our membership to better focus on what is important and focus our goals as set by our members.  We want all NY acupuncturists to have a voice and a part in ASNY, which is why we encourage all NY Acupuncturists and Students to join.

Question: Where I can Find More Information about State Acupuncture Organizations?

Question: Where can I find out more about National & International Organization Links?