Katherine MacKenzie LAc

Years in practice: 10
Website: www.acunirvana.com
Email: [email protected]

Katherine (Kat) is a 2009 graduate of Tri-State College of Acupuncture, where she studied Dry Needling/Trigger Point Therapy with Mark Seem, Japanese Acupuncture with Kiiko Matsumoto, and Japanese Herbology with Nigel Dawes. Prior to attending Tri-State she began her Masters Degree at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, which she attended for 4 semesters, studying the basics of Chinese medicine, acupuncture and Chinese Herbology. Prior to this she was an English Literature Major at the University of South Carolina and a creative writer and poet. She also had a marketing career in Hedge Funds/Managed Futures on Wall Street for 7 years and has passed the stockbroker exam. After acupuncture school she worked in NYC at multi-disciplinary pain clinics. in 2011 she moved to upstate NY’s capital district and the sweet outdoorsy town of Glens Falls to create her own vision of an acupuncture clinic. These days she runs Acupuncture Nirvana, a multi-practitioner clinic and an herb shop.

She is a member of the American Herbalists Guild and is currently in a 2 year herbal program with David Winston. She is also a member of ASNY and has been an active member, acting as a co-writer for the Pandemic Plan for NY State Acupuncturists, serving for 6 months as NY’s ASA delegate, creating a mentorship program for ASNY and more. She believes strongly that small changes over time can add up to a big difference. She is interested in advocating for acupuncturists, in helping other acupuncturists succeed, in helping patients discover how much acupuncture can make a difference in their health and well being, as well as helping patients gain more access to acupuncture. When not working she can be found kayaking, walking or biking outdoors, cooking creative and yummy (dairy free / gluten free) fusion food, playing guitar and writing songs, and reading/audiobooking urban fantasy novels that focus on a woman being the hero.

Requests: Email resume. I love mentoring and am happy to guide anyone here through different issues acupuncturists deal with…from setting up your business as a new acupuncturist, to questions on managing and growing a practice, to working with staff, to dealing with difficult patients you may have, to much more. My fee is $20 for a half hour conversation, $40 for a full hour conversation via zoom or phone. If you are totally broke and in an emergency you can ping me on basecamp and I’ll try to help you as I can. I just ask that you be respectful of my time and boundaries. To start the mentorship process, email me at [email protected] and we will schedule a time and day to start zooming or talking on the phone. Payments will occur through venmo and can be discussed in email. I have noticed over time that I am a good mentor to people who need help gaining confidence. Being an acupuncturist and a business owner requires alot of personal growth. I’m happy to help with whatever your acupuncture or business needs are and also to encourage you as you grow.