Theresa Dember-Neal DACM,RN,Dipl. Ac,LAc.

Years in practice: 5
Email: [email protected]

I have been in healthcare 35 years +, am a registered nurse since 2001, acupuncturist since 2016 with a doctorate in Chinese Medicine, and a Reiki practitioner since 1998, and RMT since 2001. I am owner of Sanbao Wellness and Beauty. Interests: artful expression, constant study of healing arts, rescue injured animals, science, and all that is about to become science.

Requests: Texting is best. This way there will be a faster response if questions are asked of me.

Zoom, Wechat, WhatsApp, text, call (certain hours), Cost will be clinic intern type work in the in leiu of payment.

A highly skilled acupuncturist and teacher of Chinese medicine allowed me to follow him at no cost. I will do the same for new grads or new practitioners. I will share my knowledge and expertise, what resources (knowledge) I have attained and warn of pitfalls that I have found out the hard way.