Regional Representatives

Regional Representatives

New York State has many different geographical communities.  ASNY’s board doesn’t have the time or the resou rces to respond to each of these different regions.  This contributes to some members, and potential members, feeling like ASNY doesn’t represent them.  All of our practices are local.  This makes it hard for a centralized organization to maintain legitimate authority when communicating to distant locales. 

As a result, ASNY created Regional Representatives.  While ASNY’s BOD doesn’t have the ability to respond to these areas, there are often people within each of these regions who would be happy to do so.  By recruiting current ASNY members within these communities ASNY will gain the ability to be responsive without taking up much of the BOD’s limited time. 

This process serves to decentralize not by splitting ASNY apart, but by creating a system through which distant locales become satellites.  Through local in person communication we hope to humanize ASNY and ensure cooperation and unity between ASNY members, making sure every voice is heard and every acupuncturist has the help they need.

Regional Representatives Responsibilities are:

  1. Organize open calls and/or meetings for local members on a quarterly basis.  They’re encouraged to do more but this is the minimum. 
  2. After each of these meetings the representative will send a short summary of local issues to the chair of the membership committee and will be invited to give a report. 
  3. Regional representatives are encouraged to attend regular monthly membership meetings and are required to attend at least 6 per year. 

Who are the current regional representatives? 

NYC Region: The Board of Directors has 4 members representing the New York City Region: President Viktor Krystufek, Vice President Peter Caron, and Secretary Anna Panetierre. 

NYC Burough Representatives: We are urgently seeking burough reps!

Long Island Region: Designated Regional Rep and Board Member Kim Creaven.  Board Members who serve the Long Island Region: Timur Lokshin, Carl Castillo, Mona Yuan.

Capital Region, North Region, Mohawk Valley & Central North Region: Designated Regional Rep and Board Member Katherine MacKenzie. 

Finger Lakes, Western Region, and Southern Tier Regions: Designated Regional Rep and Board Member Renee Nearpass.  Mid-Hudson Region: Open.  If interested, please contact Membership Chair Peter Caron for details. 

Student Representatives: ASNY is hoping to add Student Representatives from each New York School to the team at the Membership committee. 

Interested in volunteering to be a regional representative?  Please contact Membership Chair Peter Caron for details.


 Regional Representatives help ASNY members communicate with each other.